Meet Dr. Rahmani

Dr. Rahmani is a highly respected ophthalmologist who engenders great confidence and loyalty in his patients.

He evokes enthusiastic praise and grateful reactions from thousands — both for his considerable skills as a surgical specialist and for his uniquely personable manner of meticulous patient care.


Dr. Rahmani is also widely recognized among the professional medical community for his outstanding experience. He is presently performing more than 200 LASIK procedures and over 50 CATARACT procedures per month.


Dr. Rahmani received an award from Visx as recognition of being in the top 5% of LASIK surgeons in the nation.

He is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and an active member of the American Society Of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Dr. Rahmani is a staff member of six hospitals in Michigan including the Detroit Medical Center, Henry Ford — Wyandotte Hospital, Oakwood Hospital — Southshore Surgical Center and Oakwood Heritage — Taylor Center.

LASIK Patient

Dr. Rahmani is himself a living testimonial to the marvels of LASIK surgery. His own vision was corrected from “counting fingers at four feet” to a remarkable 20/20 following the LASIK procedure.

Dr. Rahmani is the founder of the Rahmani Eye Institute.