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About Us

In a time when many health care institutions are owned, and physicians and other professionals are employed by mega–corporations, it’s refreshing to find a physician who still practices as a solo, private practitioner and who still believes in and values the traditional doctor–patient relationship. Dr. Reza Rahmani, Ophthalmologist, is that type of doctor.

His Professional Philosophy

Dr. Rahmani’s philosophy is that every person’s vision is a prized asset that plays a major role in his or her enjoyment of the experiences of a lifetime.

With age, all people can expect their vision to change. This is due to natural causes in some cases, and to various types of pathology in others. In anticipation of those changes, Dr. Rahmani recommends that individuals establish a relationship with an ophthalmologist before major problems begin to occur with their eyesight.

The Rahmani Eye Institute

The Institute is home–base for Dr. Rahmani’s medical practice in his specialty of ophthalmology. He chose the word “institute” carefully, because that term refers to an organization that promotes a specialized goal. For Dr. Rahmani, that goal is to offer his patients comprehensive eye care at the highest level of excellence.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

The Rahmani Eye Institute is equipped with diagnostic instruments and surgical treatment facilities that are state–of–the–art. For Dr. Rahmani’s patients, the advanced technology available at the Institute means that his patients can receive all of their care — from initial evaluations to surgical procedures to post–surgical follow–up care — in one convenient location.

The Comfort and Well–Being of Our Patients

The staff of the Rahmani Eye Institute create a friendly atmosphere for patients, and the facilities of the Institute are attractive, quiet and comfortable.

For the convenience of patients who reside in the northern or western suburbs of Detroit, Dr. Rahmani offers initial surgical evaluations and post–operative follow–up care in two branch offices of the Rahmani Eye Institute, in Novi and in Rochester Hills.

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