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Why Choose Dr. Rahmani?

Dr. Rahmani is a widely renowned surgeon whose reputation has made the Rahmani Eye Institute a name known for quality eye care. His commitment to superb vision correction is evident in the thousands of satisfied patients he has treated.

There is no greater compliment to a surgeon than when patients refer their family and friends. A large percentage of our patients come to us through personal referrals, and they come with the peace–of–mind of knowing that they are going to receive the best eye care treatment available.

Experienced Surgeon

Dr. Rahmani is the sole surgeon at the Rahmani Eye Institute. When our patients come to us, they get the peace–of–mind that comes from knowing their surgeon personally. There is no guess–work about who will be doing their surgery.

As the sole surgeon and physician at the practice, experience is not an issue. Dr. Rahmani is a board–certified ophthalmologist who has personally performed over 24,000 laser procedures.

Dr. Rahmani also has the distinguished honor of being recognized as one of the nation’s top five percent leading surgeons in laser vision correction.


Dr. Rahmani performs his procedures using the ViSx Star S4 along with the iFS Advanced IntraLasik laser. Each piece of equipment uses the latest technology available in laser vision correction. When it comes to the making sure that his patients get the latest treatment available, cost is not an option for Dr. Rahmani.

Committed Surgery Center

Our laser surgery facility is specifically designed for laser vision correction. Much detail has been put in to all decisions in and out of the surgery suite. We closely monitor the range and percentage of humidity levels along with operative room temperatures. Our stringent guidelines are severe so as to promote efficiency and proper equipment operation.

Our Policy

Here at the Rahmani Eye Institute, patient satisfaction is our goal. We treat each of our patients as an individual with unique needs and care. It is our sincere intention to leave each patient feeling they have received the most personalized care available.

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