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Provider Checklist

How do you know which Vision Correction Provider is right for you? What should you ask to be sure?

The Provider you choose should have the equipment and the experience to give you and your eyes the best care possible.

Use this checklist to help you ask the right questions so that you can decide which Vision Correction Provider is right for you.

Remember, they’re your eyes, so make your decision carefully, not quickly.

What You Should Ask: NoYes
Q: Does the surgeon perform at least 1,000 vision procedures per year?A: Dr. Rahmani has performed over 10,000 lasik procedures.
Q: Does the surgeon use an INTRALASE™ laser to create the corneal flap?A: Dr. Rahmani is one of the very few surgeons in the country who uses this premium technology.
Q: Does the surgeon offer the latest laser technology available?A: Dr. Rahmani uses the VISX Star S4 which is the fifth generation of lasers since the invention of this technology. VISX Star S4 has the capacity of automatically centralizing on the pupil and tracing any movement that the eye makes. It also has the capability of perfoming wavefront guided Lasik.
Q: Does the doctor own a wavefront analyzer which measures refractive errors 25 times more accurately?A: Dr. Rahmani owns his own wavefront analysis system onsight.
Q: Does the surgeon use a mobile laser or an offsight laser which is shared by many doctors?A: At the Rahmani Eye Institute, our laser center is specially designed for laser vision correction and is not shared or rented to any other doctor. He is the only doctor that uses the lasers.
Q: Do you meet and discuss your laser vision plan with the surgeon on the day of your evaluation?A: Dr. Rahmani meets with every candidate for laser vision correction before any evaluation is performed. All surgeries are performed by Dr. Rahmani.
Q: Do you have the option of all pre–operative and post–operative care to be done by your surgeon?A: Dr. Rahmani can do all the pre–op and post–op care for every patient.
Q: Does the center offer convenient monthly payments?A: At the Rahmani Eye Institute we can offer low monthly payments.
Protect your eyes! put them in the hands of someone you can trust. Choose the Rahmani Eye Institute for the care your eyes deserve!
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